Why we postpone the work?

As a college student most of us get assignments and projects in the class. But nobody starts the working the same day. The question arises why?

To understand this whole concept we need to understand what things we delay. Have you ever delayed watching your favorite movie after release or a message from your Best Friend? I am sure the answer is no for all of you. So what’s the difference between these two things.

The answer is, in favorite movie or message from Best Friend we have our interest on the other hand in making assignment and projects we don’t have the interest. Yeah, it’s a harsh reality that most of us don’t have interest in making those assignments and projects. Now we have discussed the problem and its reason, lets go for its solution.

According to me possible solution would be making our own deadlines. Yeah, it works. Thinking how?

See when the deadline of a project or assignment is near we don’t need to create our interest in making assignments. It comes from inside that we have to do the thing. As we don’t have any other option. And somehow  interest in that thing develops. I am not a psychologist, so I can’t tell you reason but that happens.

Hope this article would help you in completing next assignments on time. Till next article this is me Pradyuman signing off.

PS: Be free to share the solution you have in your mind.


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