Friends, a family that we get to choose. They are always there for you, if you are sad or happy, if you want to enjoy they are there, they are part of your life.


Have you noticed that we put the title best with only friends and not any other relation. This is because we know they are good for us. Let’s start from Kinder Garden we all were surrounded by our friends. With help of these friends only we are able to go to school leaving our parents.

Then at the time of board exams they are the one who help you out in studying and scoring better in boards. It’s also said that things that friends explain are more understandable as compared to teachers.

When we move to college they are most helping people in college. Call them anytime they are there for you. And most of the time in college is spent with friends only. College trips without friends can’t even be imagined. It’s hard to find a True friend, but if you find one he/she would change your life.

PS: Dedicated my friends.


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