Dealing through life

Main reason behind starting this blog was to share what I learn from things that happen in my life. I believe there are two kind of things that happen in your life:

  • Good Things
  • Bad Things

These two things represents pulse of your life. If these things don’t happen in your life then you are not living your life, you are wasting your life.


There are few things that you should do while in these two situation. So lets get started:

Good times


Everything seems perfect in this time, the way want it to go. You are super charged and ready to rock. But you should always remember the people who helped you in creating this good times. You should enjoy in these times because life is all about living in present.

Bad Times


The times when you start to think why am I alive, no one thinks about me and all other stuff like that. During this time just remember this is also temporary and would end soon. This time in life tests you, may me by checking your patience or by testing your inner motivation.


I have also faced this face like all other people in world and found a solution to face these times. Summing up these solution as:

  • Be motivated
  • Talk about your problem
  • Go out and spent some time in open air
  • Don’t think much about things

If you follow these points your bad times will pass so smoothly that you won’t even know that it came.

PS: Bad times and good times are all part of life. At end what matters is how you enjoy your life.


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