Am I happy being single?

Hillffair, the time in my life when I want to be committed more than any time of the year. The time when you see couples walking around the whole campus with hand in hand, which breaks heart of many single people like me 😢.

Now let’s rewind my life. Was I always like this, the person who wants to be committed? The answer is very complex and simple too.

Simple, because yes, I always wanted to be in a relationship. Since the time when I was introduced to this, the GF BF thing I want to be committed. I always have crush in my class since class 10th, I let a secret out. But some time this may be hazardous for you. If an important concept is going on in class, but you can’t get your eyes of her. Believe me, this is one of the hardest things to do.

You must be wondering why the answer was complex 🤔. It’s complex because I am not the guy who wants to change his relationship status every month or even every year. If given my commitment I have guts to follow it. Being in a relationship is not just only about holding hand in hand, moving around in college, etc. It’s much more than that. It’s about taking responsibility too. If one person has any problem, it should be taken care by other as if it is his/her own problem. It’s about standing together in any situation, be it hard time or good time.

For this thing I am not ready yet.


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