PUBG : The new trend


There will be no teenager left in India who hasn’t played this game. This game had created tsunami in the mobile gaming market. Whenever 3-4 teenager are together and are free common word that comes out their mouth is “Match lagana?” , which translates to “Wanna play a match?”


It might be a great way to pass the time, but it still has many disadvantages. We all know that PUBG is a very addictive game.  This game is so addictive that a college in Tamil Nadu has to ban PUBG on campus. Here are some news reports.

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This not only for college students, I have also seen small kids playing PUBG. This not only hampers their brain, but also not good for them. Moreover, they should focus on study instead of playing PUBG.

We discussed the problem now lets discuss a solution for the problem.


We would take PUBG as addiction and like all other addiction it is not easy to leave and neither will go in one day or so. It would take some time.

The first step towards leaving this addiction may be reducing the number of matches you play. The time you will have after this can be utilized somewhere else, like reading some books or reading research papers or even news. Eventually you will reduce your time so much that you won’t even want to play PUBG.


PS: Do comment what you think about PUBG addiction.


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