Podcasts: New way to increase your knowledge

I generally watch lot of YouTube videos including fun videos, vlogs, personality building tips or you can say whatever I find interesting on YouTube. When start watching too many videos of some channel I also start following them, what they do in there day to day life, on what they make videos and many more things. Some of channels that I follow includes are Beerbiceps, Mostlysane, Flying Beast, Mumbaikar Nikhil and BeYouNick. I also follow these YouTubers on instagram which keeps me updated regarding things going in there life.


So I was just watching videos on YouTube when I got notification that Beerbiceps posted new video. This video was announcement of his new series of videos and called them The Ranveer Show.


I was super interested as I would get to watch new content and have some fun. In beginning of video he told that this these won’t be like previous videos, where he use to tell his audience about his experience or about any thing or trend rather, he would talk to other people, who have attained something in there life and ask them questions related to how they achieved the heights that they are on now.


I was super pumped as I have never seen such a content before. He also focused that, this video is video-cum-podcast. He further told that it is not necessary that we see video while listening this conversation. We should focus on the conversation or the audio. So played the newly released of the series which was conversation between him and his buisness partner Viraj Seth.


After I watched complete video, I was stunned. When I came to know background story of these two, respect for these two entrepreneurs increased. They told how they are running two buisnesses parallelly, Monk-Entertaiment the digital marketing buisness and The Beerbiceps the YouTube channel they were running. They also told about initial day struggle in creating these two companies. Inspite of so many hardship, they didn’t gave up there idea and gave their best to attain what they wanted to attain.


After this video I continue to watch this series which gave some so top class podcasts with people like Raj Kumar Rao, Baman Irani, Carry Minati, Mostly Sane,
Priyanka Chopra, Saif Ali Khan etc. The quality of conversation increased after every new video, setting new marks for next videos.


After watching these videos only I started listening to podcasts on Spotify. Best thing I like about Podcasts is that it gives so much knowledge in so small amount of time. I thank Ranveer Alahbadia for giving me this great habit and introducing me to this world of podcast.


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