My First Job: Emotional Aspect

After graduating from college and with job in my hand, lucky me I was all set to enter this whole new world which I only heard from people about. 14th June 2021 was my joining date, virtual joining thanks to Covid☹️. I was super excited for the day like traditional first day of things I got up early, had a bath, went to temple and then get to work. In fact, I was so excited that I didn’t slept whole night.

Day 1 started, I opened up my company laptop, which was also special experience because this was first time I was using a Apple product. When I received the kit I was already excited after seeing the Mac. So the day started with orientation session which includes meeting lot of people, max from HR only but it was chill session which included many fun activities through which we could know people joining with me more. As it was campus recruitment, we also meet our college seniors who joined the company last year or last to last year. That was informative session which gave many of us clear vision where we could be in upcoming years. Day 1 ended with this and we thought we would get started with training tomorrow but here was the big surprise, HR has planned complete week for getting to know the company with different events and have fun while on-boarding.

Day 1 is always a special feeling but, thanks to HR they made the whole week like day 1. Time passed so fast that we didn’t even came to know when it all got over. We started with the training from Monday and I joined the team on 1st of the next month. Joining team was also special as special lunch, again virtual 🙄was organized where I got to know my team members and what work in company my team does. Days passed and job has became part of my routine.

That was my experience of first job in emotional aspect but this job also taught me financial lessons also which I’ll be sharing in next blog. See you in next one


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