My First Job: Financial Aspect

This is continuation part of My First Job: Emotional Aspect. I would advise you to read that first.

So days went on and it was the time for the first salary to be credited in our accounts. I remember exactly at 12PM message pop up on WhatsApp group. Guys look at your bank balance. I was so quick to go and check the balance. My first salary has been credited into my account. With this started my financial journey.

Previously, whenever this much amount was credited in my account that either it has to be transferred somewhere or for some payment. It was the first time the amount was my hard earned money so definitely I don’t want to waste it. So I headed to the place where I go for learning anything i.e. YouTube.

I have no idea what to do so I just searched investing money and bang I never thought there were so many videos on this topic. I started going through various youtubers liked a few of them. While going through all those videos I got idea that I have to learn a lot to even start with this, obviously I don’t wanna lose money.

Weeks and weeks of learning through various YouTube videos I was ready to do my first and safest investment i.e. Mutual Funds (Sorry FD lovers I want to grow my money not just beat inflation). Slowly I took steps in the stock market, invested small amount and wanna try the knowledge I had and as expected I was in losses in most of them and profitable ones were not even so profitable that they can make up the charges hence losing money here also.

I was now scared to put more money in here, but I knew it would cost money for learning. Here comes the savior Tanmay Bhatt with his series about technical analysis. It opened up new doors of learning for me. From learning till now I drew out following conclusions:

  1. Short Term/Swing Trading is not for me.
  2. You can’t double/triple your amount overnight
  3. If someone is wining in stock market there is someone losing to compensate the profit.

If you feel lost in your financial Journey here are some YouTube channels that helped me and I think could also help you.

I would like to end this blog by quoting very important point.

Don’t let your money be there in bank account invest it somewhere. Otherwise, inflation will eat it all.


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