We made it possible: The journey of Nimbus 2021

I know it’s late for this one, but this thing need to be put out there. This was August 2020 when we started working for turning dreams of first ever Virtual Technical Fest of NIT Hamirpur true, hoping virtual would get removed and we could do things in person of course, with some restriction thanks to Covid. There were two main challenges for me this time.

First, there was no senior who can direct us what to do next. For previous Nimbus has someone to guide us what to do and how to do, but this time it was me who had to manage the team of over 50 students and also handle my duties as Finance Secretary.

The second challenge was the COVID. Due to this there was no certainty of anything things changed very quickly, new regulations were made from time to time. So even trying to make this fest offline would be fools play because things will be so uncertain that all the efforts could go in vain. So it was decided we go with virtual mode, which was a complete different challenge.

After a lot of brainstorming, a lot of ideas were put together to make a perfect plan. But if things went perfectly fine, then what’s the fun in that. So here comes the biggest challenge for us, to persuade old school faculty for passing budget required for the fest. After uncountable rounds to office and uncountable meetings, but final budget made it through.

Then came the execution time, it went so smooth that I don’t have to worry about anything. From all the payments or any project items all went perfectly. On the last day, we had our numb eyes and all the final year team said bye to their last Nimbus.


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