Book Review: Why Not Me?

Just complete this light book. The biggest feature of this book is it is written in Hinglish so teens/people from the age of texting can connect with feeling very quickly. This book is a love story of teen boy from the age when Facebook culture just started in India. Gen-z people will relate to this book most.

My opinion

Connecting with the text was very easy. I didn’t feel, I was reading a book rather was reading some online story. This could be taken as both positive as well as negative. But for me it was BIG NO for book reading. I didn’t get that feeling of reading a book.

Coming to the story, it was OK, but in some places it feels like the writer is trying to increase the number of pages of the book by adding unnecessary events. So many places you will feel if this part wasn’t there it will still not affect the story. The good thing about the story is that writer isn’t try to add that extra spice to the story, kept it as realistic as possible.

Would I recommend this book?

If you have read some heavy book before this and want something light to relax then go ahead.

If that’s not the case it’s a BIG NO


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