Book Review: Think Straight

A simple book that helps you in getting your thoughts sorted. Author Darius Foroux is a blogger and you could easily see the book written in blog style, every chapter as a individual post. Best part is you can read them in any order which makes it easy to go to content that someone wants to read again in future. In short wonderfully compiled book.

My Opinion

This book is that kind which makes you aware about things that you already knew. It is small one with only 81 pages(Kindle version), but still packed with lot of minor information that makes our thinking process easier. Book is written in very easy to grasp language.

What I would suggest is read the book in one go and than revisit the chapters that attracted you the most and apply the methods that are listed, Some of which I personally started using.

Read/ Not to Read

I strongly vote for must read. But this is the book that won’t be effective if you don’t apply it’s listed methods. So for this one READ & APPLY. And see yourself thinking straight. 😉


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