5 things I implemented in my life from THINK STRAIGHT

Think Straight is pretty simple to read book (book review here) and taught me some stuff that I wanna share here. Here are the things that I learned from the book

1. Write down your thoughts

It happens so many times that I have so many thoughts running around my head, most of which are useless and I wanna relax a bit but I can’t. This happens to me more often than I thought it happens.

This book gives a perfect way to avoid this situation by writing down all the thoughts. I saw my father, practicing this method, but never tried it by myself. Once you write down something the noise disappears from thoughts. May be one day I’ll find million dollar idea in that noise.

2. Draw out the thought

I always stayed confuse when I was thinking of implementing something big because I could not form a clear picture in my head. So what the author suggested is take pen, paper and draw it down. Start with a broader picture than break it down further and more until you could picturize the complete idea.

3. Take time to think

Never take a decision in a hurry. Often when you take decision in hurry, you regret them or you have to do the complete task from scratch again. When you give time think about decision most of the time we end up taking the best decision possible.

I know some people would disagree here as many prominent people in this world believe in taking quick decision, my argument for that is they have years of experience that backs up the decision and for me I have just started with this game.

4. Pay attention to details

Paying attention to details is one thing that everyone knows, but we tend to neglect it in order to make the process faster. And sometimes these small details land us up in big trouble. So I keep reminding myself to pay attention to details.

5. Action >> Thinking

Taking actions on thoughts that I have was missing from my life from quite sometime but I started implementing this just a few weeks before reading this book.

I wanted to go to cycling everyday, but that motivation to leave the comfort zone was missing. So what I did, I added Cycling to my calendar event. If I ignored it one day it gave me guilt trip so I definitely went for ride very next day.

At last I would say its wonderful book to read and make few changes here and there in life from the learning and enjoy better life.


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