Reflecting back: Accepting my Privileges

It was normal day in my life, I was just randomly scrolling through YouTube when I found this video by Harnoor. It just hit me that I also had many privileges which helped me in reaching where I am today. So time to reflect back.

Having two earners in house

When most households rely on a single earner in the family, My parents were both working. I didn’t appreciate how valuable these advantages were until I saw the other side of the problem. I’ve never experienced a money issue.

Having a personal vehicle

Being from Himachal where only mode of transport was roadways having a vehicle was a big boon. As my native place was far from where we use to stay, 8-9 Hour journey through bus that too limited number of buses. Thanks to god I didn’t had to go through this.

Town life provided fresh viewpoints

I lived in a rural area until fourth grade. But in my fourth grade, we relocated to a new town, which offered up new chances for me, such as studying ABACUS, meeting people from various cultures, and so on. I still wonder where I would be if I still lived in a rural setting.

Great school and college that I got to attend

I feel major role in shaping the personality of a person is played by the college and school that he/she attends. I was no exception. I did my schooling from DAV which kept me connected with religion. College gave me exposure to new technologies and gave chance to work on them.

Friends I got on the way of this beautiful journey

I consider myself really fortunate to be enjoying this beautiful journey of life with such wonderful people. Friends who support me in every tough moment, and who celebrate my accomplishment with me as if it were their own. These are the folks that make me feel at home even while I’m thousands of miles away.

Healthy body

Most under appreciated by most is the healthy body and by god grace I got one.

PS: Feel free to drop what you are grateful about in the comments.


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