College Life: Lessons that I got

June 30th, 2017, the day when I confirmed my seat in NIT Hamirpur and set myself for this wonderful journey. I will not say this journey was smooth, but it was definitely enjoyable. When I stepped into the college I had zero expectation and just wanted to go with the flow and enjoy my college life.

The best thing about going with the flow is that you learn a lot and worst thing is you learn from mistakes that might cost you heavily sometimes. So lets start my journey from first year, the year when I made most of the mistakes, some regrets too. The biggest lesson that I learned was:

Ignoring the academics in college is a big mistake

Yes, it might shock you, but it is the harsh reality. You can’t just leave academics at side and enjoy whole semester and expect good CGPA at the end (exceptions are always there). The second lesson that I learned was:

Don’t open up completely in front of people you know nothing about

Again, this is my personal opinion, I might be wrong. You are in college now. There is no one to guide you like parents you had in your school. You might end up getting some disappointments. You will eventually know who to trust and who not to.

Don’t worry, its not all the bad things that I got for the first year I got some good things too:

  • Some really awesome friends.
  • Understanding about what my branch was about in little detail.
  • First trip with friends.
  • First competition outside institute.

Second year is when I got single room and I became disciplined and this is the third lesson that I learnt:

Discipline is very important in life, especially when you live alone.

It’s not like you need to be very disciplined, proper hair, shining shoe, super clear clothes, etc. It’s just that you make sure you have proper schedule, you take care of your chores like cloth washing, cleaning room etc. Fourth thing that I got to learned was:

You could never stop learning.

I am not talking about academic learning here, it’s about learning other than regular college academics. We know technology changes really fast so we, especially my stream students need to stay updated on what’s happening in the industry.

Most of my time in my third year and final year of the degree was devoted to finding internship and job, but still life gives you some lessons. Here is the fifth one:

Luck plays a very important role while getting selected for a job or internship

Most of the students in the final year of the degree would agree with. I know skills and experience have their value, but still getting shortlisted from so many candidates require a little bit of luck. The final lesson was:

No matter how much you have learned, until you put that into practice or gain some experience its not valued.

I would leave you with these learnings. Do comment what you learned from your college life or it these learnings helped you in your college journey.


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