Reflecting back: Accepting my Privileges

It was normal day in my life, I was just randomly scrolling through YouTube when I found this video by Harnoor. It just hit me that I also had many privileges which helped me in reaching where I am today. So time to reflect back. Having two earners in house When most households rely on a single earner in the family, My parents were both working. I didn’t appreciate how valuable these advantages were until I saw the other side of the problem. I’ve never experienced a money issue. Having a personal vehicle Being from Himachal where only mode of … Continue reading Reflecting back: Accepting my Privileges

Adulting: Accepting the life way it is

As children, we fantasised about being adults, having the freedom to do anything we wanted and buy whatever we wanted. However, as you go into maturity, you realise that it is not so simple. You have both freedom and money, but not time. My story is similar in that I wanted to buy new toys, gadgets, and so forth. But my parents constantly said, “When you start earning money, you will never buy these things.” As a child, I believed “What nonsense? Why would I not buy what I wanted if I had the money?” But now that I’m an … Continue reading Adulting: Accepting the life way it is

Book Review: Why Not Me?

Just complete this light book. The biggest feature of this book is it is written in Hinglish so teens/people from the age of texting can connect with feeling very quickly. This book is a love story of teen boy from the age when Facebook culture just started in India. Gen-z people will relate to this book most. My opinion Connecting with the text was very easy. I didn’t feel, I was reading a book rather was reading some online story. This could be taken as both positive as well as negative. But for me it was BIG NO for book … Continue reading Book Review: Why Not Me?